BRUGERE industrie placage bois

Our veneer is used for the manufacturing of furniture, chairs, hardwood floors, plywood as well as specific industrial applications such as electric insulation.

We mainly offer peeled veneer in beech but we also process poplar.

Brugère has specific veneer drages to meet the needs of each client. peeled veneer grades are identified by simple a classification system by grade.

Technical Sheet

Types Beech, Poplar
Dimension Length : 450 – 3250mm
Width : 250 – 4500mm
Thickness : 1– 4mm
Colors All Colors (AC), Light Shades (LS)
Uses Chairs, hardwood, plywoods, slatted bed fame, densified wood, beach racket, molded plywood...

Automated humidity control
Quality A to D

Veneers Quality

Choice A

No mechanical defects. Accepted, slight color, variations, discolorations from the dryer which disappear during sanding. A few tiny black, brown and red stains (a few mm²).

Choice B

Sound knots, maximum diamater 30mm, closed slits, slight warping, more tiny black, brown and red stains than option A. Minor discolorations and slight traces of red heartwood. Joints.

Choice C

Sound knots, maximum diamater 50mm. Dead knots or holes. Maximum diameter 20mm. Cracks with max lengh 150mm, max opening.

Choice D

Sound knots, maximum diamater 80mm, dead knots or holes. Max diameter 30mm. Every discolorations and red wood. Cracks, lenght: 1/3 of the lenght of the sheet. Max opening 15mm.