Since 1928, Brugère has been driven by the same philosophy and the same commitment to honouring wood through peeling activity.

Our artisans make it possible for you to use our products as raw materials for your industrial applications: furniture, sports accessories, musical instruments, technical equipment...

Our veneers are used to manufacture furniture, chairs, flooring, plywood as well as for specialized industrial applications such as electrical insulation. .

We primarily offer peeled beechwood veneer, but we can also peel poplar. At Brugère, every customer has specific quality requirements, which we determine together.

Our Mission


                                                                                                     "Wood is the core of our business."

Thanks to our 90 years of experience and craftsmanship, Brugère want now to become the leading European beechwood peeler.

Since 1928, we have exploited hardwoods by putting their various qualities to work for various applications: millwork, toolmaking, small pieces of furniture, peeled veneer, plywood panels, etc.

Covering an area of 20,000 m2, the factory has a wood processing capacity of 40,000 m3/year, with a target of  60,000m3 two years from now.



                                                                                                "Our company is an important local economic actor."

From forest exploitation management to the marketing of processed products, the creation of economic, social and environmental value in the forestry sector is constant. This is what we defend and promote every day through our expertise.

  • Above all, we believe in local and rural resources, in this case wood.
  • We firmly believe in the quality and incomparable competitiveness of Made in France. Today, we distribute our processed wood products in 30 countries and on 5 continents; 70% of our turnover is generated internationally.
  • To leave forests for our children that are at least as productive and diverse as those we have today, we have a long history of commitment to sustainable forest resource management and we have been PEFC™ and FSC® certified.
  • Innovation, productivity and research are 3 keys to our success. Today, we seek to further our knowledge of the raw material to determine and develop the best applications for interior architecture. For this reason, we have developed an ambitious research program and created a laboratory to improve the quality of our veneers. 
  • We seek to expand our supplies and markets by promoting the use of flat Beech plywood and by convincing our customers of the benefits of these Beechwood panels.
  • We develop our knowhow of peeling with others species, for example poplar.





The PEFC Label, a commitment to forest sustainability

Initiated in 1999 by European wood industry companies, in collaboration with manufacturers, PEFC certification applies to all wood processing stages to promote and guarantee that products are sourced from forests meeting economic, ecological, social and ethical standards.

This certification benefits:
  • the environment: protection of forests (biodiversity reserves, CO2 sinks and climate regulators);
  • citizens: protection of those who live and work in forests, public reception;
  • the economy: rational, economically beneficial forest exploitation.
Each year, an audit ensures that the factory still meets the certification criteria, such as respect for forest flora and fauna, the working conditions of forestry workers and the efforts to promote biodiversity.

The FSC, for sustainable, intelligent and inclusive growth

Products sourced from FSC certified forests are controlled from the beginning, throughout the manufacturing process and until their distribution. The FSC label serves to guarantee that the products used are sourced from controlled resources and are responsibly harvested.

Our industries' ecologically appropriate forest management guarantees that the harvesting of our wood contributes to the preservation of forests' biodiversity and productivity.

Socially beneficial forest management enables local populations and society as a whole to enjoy the long-term benefits of our activities, and also encourages local populations to preserve forest resources and implement sustainable management plans.

For 15 years, Brugère has been PEFC™ and FSC® certified. Today, nearly 90% of our supplies are certified.   



  • Brugère is a resolutely modern, responsive company that listens to its customers. Our customers set their own veneer and plywood specifications.
  • We deliver custom-cut products that are ready for processing in your workshops.
  • Our products are developed in the heart of one of the most important forest.
  • The constant modernization of our production equipment enables us to make use of the latest technologies to meet all of your requirements.
  • Our production capacity (60,000 m3/year) and distribution network (30 countries on 5 continents) enable us to display a level of delivery responsiveness that is unique in Europe.