Brugère, in the heart of a forest oasis

The Brugère company, in Chatillon-sur-Seine, is located at the heart of the outstanding Côte-d'Or and Aube forest region. These oasises of greenery contain several large forest massifs, which cover approximately 25% of its territory.

The Aube forests contain significant wood resources, used for both construction and industry, with 440,000 jobs that are directly or indirectly connected to the wood industry and represent a diverse set of skills.

The afforestation in Aube, Côte-d'Or and Haute-Marne represents 1 275,000 ha. The afforestation rate in Burgundy Franche-Comté is 31 %, slightly upper to the rate of afforestation of France (29 %).

68% of the Burgundy forest is owned by private owners, and the rest is composed of public, state-owned and communal forests.

A diversity of wood species

The wood resources around Brugère are rich and diversified. They vary between the northern and southern parts of the region, depending on the climatic, geological and pedological (soil) characteristics of each territory. The region is home to 6 to 8 different species of trees, many more than the national average. Hardwoods dominate in the neighboring forests : they represent 85% of forest resources (the national average being 64%).
Oak is the most common species, followed by beech, hornbeam, ash and maple. The Aube Valley (along with the Marne Valley) also has the most poplar groves. As for softwood species, the Scotch pine is in 2nd place in the Aube forests.

The wood industry : constant value creation

From forest exploitation management to the marketing of processed products, economic, social and environmental value creation in the forestry and wood sector is constant. And with the environmental goals set for 2020, the industry is set to become even more virtuous, structured, modernized and competitive.

An exemplary example of a circular economy, the Côte-d'Or wood industry creates ecological value at every stage, due to the sustainability and renewability of wood and the economic value of the wood industry, a true economic ally for the region*.

* France Bois Industries Entreprises

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