A love of wood, sustainable forest management, a secure future

To leave forests for our children that are at least as productive, diverse and beautiful as they are today, Brugère has made a long-standing commitment to sustainable forest resource management.

While wood is an essential natural element for the construction and outfitting of homes, it is not inexhaustible. This is why we take care to respect forests and pay special attention to the products we manufacture and sell.

For more than 15 years, Brugère has been PEFC and FCS certified. These systems ensure that each certified forest is properly managed and exploited according to established rules, and that the wood harvested under these conditions is correctly identified at every processing stage.

Today, nearly 90% of our supplies are certified. We thus make as large a contribution as possible to a green world, with no loss of quality. .

You can rely on our high-quality veneer that exactly meets the needs of your project. Discover our wide assortment of wood veneers here.

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