A last generation peeling line

Brugère has invested in a new automated factory that can peel logs 3.3 m in length.

Brugère in Châtillon-sur-Seine will be capable of peeling 60,000 m3 of logs, up from the current capacity of 40,000 m³.The best materials have been selected and optimized by our teams, in order to have a line that is as efficient and innovative as possible. Multi-species, the peeling line will be intended to unroll predominantly beech and poplar.

Anticipating tomorrow's expertise and production

For this process, logs assessed in the forest, purchased standing or already cut by the operators, are steamed, cut to order into specific lengths, and then peeled into veneers, which will be dried, clipped and sorted according to the specifications of our customers.

Employee safety has been reinforced. By placing a focus on familiarity with the machine, we ensure that the lines' production is monitored in real-time, using their additional digital functionalities. Day-to-day learning ensures that each collaborator is better equipped to more effectively predict future outages and resolve them if necessary.

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