Towards an Eco-Design veneer

Eco-design is defined as the manufacture of objects using only recycled or natural components or eco-friendly construction materials. The concept was developed by the Austrian-American designer Victor Papanek in the 1970s. Created to inspire new ways of consuming, producing and conserving, the concept was developed with the aim of changing our ways of life.

To achieve this goal, the recoverable wood shavings produced during our veneer manufacturing are kept and used to make new furniture. All of our wood is PEFC and FSC certified, ensuring that our forests are responsibly and sustainably managed. We craft the panels to produce a flawless, unmarked veneer that respects the wood's character and colour variations. This process makes it possible to breathe life into new natural and design projects.

A contemporary, ecological concept that is becoming more and more accessible. Tailoring products exactly to their functions also serves to reduce their environmental impact...

Our design office can assist you in precisely determining your needs.

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