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Wood veneer is especially widely used in certain market segments: hospitality, residential projects, furniture etc. Veneer can also be transformed into a variety of products such as flooring, plywood or wall coverings...

We pay special attention to our log selection. Beech is the main species we work with. But we can also peel other varieties such as oak, ash, maple, poplar or any other wood species on request.

Each wood veneer is unique

We have complete control over the dimensions, thicknesses, faces, wood defects and colours. Each tree's unique character is expressed through wood veneer. In fact, every tree in the forest is unique. For this reason, colour and pattern may vary, even within the same species. Welcome to the wonderful world of wood veneer.

At Brugère, every customer has specific quality requirements, which we determine together. Wood veneer quality is identified using a simple classification system: A, B,C,D

Lengths from 450 mm to 3250 mm
Widths from 250 mm to 4800 mm
Thicknesses from 0.8 mm to 4 mm

Option «A»

No Mechanical defects, Accepted : slight color variations, Discolorations from the dryer which disappear during sanding, A few tiny black, brown and red stains (a few mm2)

Option «B»

 Sound knots, maximum diameter 30 mm, Closed slits, slight warping, More tiny black, brown and red stains than option A. Minor discolorations and slight traces of red heartwood. Joints.

Option «C»

Sound knots, maximum diameter 50 mm, Dead knots or holes, maximum diameter 20 mm, Cracks : max length 150 mm, max opening

Option «D»

Sound knots, maximum diameter 80 mm, Dead knots or holes, maximum diameter 30 mm, every discoloration and red wood Cracks : length : 1/3 of the lengh of the sheet, max opening 15mm. Heartwood cracks

Quality requirements

To meet our quality requirements, our veneer always goes through a strict selection process. We seek out the best, most exclusive wood to enrich Brugère's collection, thereby guaranteeing the most natural appearance.

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