Beech plywood for the conception of transport boxes for fragile or heavy goods

Suitable for transport by sea, road, air or rail, plywood effectively protects goods.

The robustness of Brugère plywood for secure packaging of sensitive goods

Very strong, plywood is shock and warp resistant, offering maximum protection for your goods with solid and reliable packaging. Its very high resistance is well suited to heavy products.

 Beech wood is perfectly suitable thanks to its natural properties. It is a hard, dense and very resistant wood. It has an excellent degree of resistance to impact, compression and bending. Beech plywood offers you the guarantee of high mechanical performance.

Wood, the most environmentally friendly packaging option

Beech plywood is a recyclable material for a better waste management of your transport boxes.

Thanks to the natural properties of wood, which act as a moisture regulator, wooden boxes are able to keep the product fresh for longer. The porous structure of wood is a physical inhibitor of bacteria, making wooden export packaging hygienic and perfectly suitable for food contact, as it limits the presence of bacteria in food. This type of characteristic is also important in the case of goods that have to remain in stock for long periods.

Approved ease of use

The Brugère plywood used for your boxes adapts to the weight and volume of the pieces and can be manufactured in standard or custom sizes, depending on the needs of your customers.

The plywood material is easy to handle for simplified assembly and closing.

Wood, besides being the most ecological option, is a material that can be easily repaired: if one of the pieces breaks, it can be easily replaced without having to resort to a complete replacement.

Beech plywood packaging becomes the most appropriate, sustainable and responsible option for your goods and the environment, as it is a natural, durable, recyclable and renewable product.

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