The Industrial Ph Plywood structural panel : French structural and multi-purpose plywood

Beech wood is a hard, dense and very resistant wood. Indeed, it has an excellent degree of resistance to impact, compression and bending. Beech plywood offers you the guarantee of high mechanical performance allowing you to design and build structural elements in construction and furnishing with extreme constraints, whether for furniture, formwork, partitions, stairs or floors.

 For indoor and outdoor applications

Beech plywood is perfectly suited to projects requiring strength and robustness. It ensures an undeniable safety of use, for a final project respectful of the environment, offering acoustic protection, energy saving, thermal insulation and comfort.

Beech plywood is commonly used in carpentry, and finds many uses in interior design: wall cladding, ceilings, furniture. Easy to work and paint.

Its use is not only limited to layout and design. It can also find its use in the bodywork industry, industrial packaging or events (exhibition floors, etc.).

Beech plywood is a real solution to the energy challenges of the construction market, and stands out for its high resistance to impact and bending, its ease of use and its ability to meet prefabrication requirements.

Brugère is able to produce tailor-made panels in terms of dimensions (cutting and pre-cutting) and quality.

Our C+ to C+ quality panels (non-exhaustive) correspond to plywood whose faces have some appearance defects (small sound knots, cracks and blocked cracks).
In perfect conformity with the qualitative and regulatory requirements of interior design.

We use a phenolic glue of Use Class 3 according to EN 314 for outdoor use that is resistant to moisture.

True to its commitment to constantly improve the quality of its customer service and to meet the expectations of its partners, Brugère guarantees the certification of its TSCA panels. This standard is applicable to formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products under Title VI of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).


Our 100% beech, TWIN or COMBI Beech/Pelp panels are made from PEFC and FSC certified wood. These labels thus guarantee our customers that the product they buy comes from responsible sources and that through their purchasing act, they are participating in the sustainable management of forests.