Brugère plywood " lives in " Versailles

For the second consecutive year, Brugère, the wood peeling factory, provides by the National School of Architecture of Versailles with beech plywood for their project “TO LIVE IS TO BE AT HOME EVERYWHERE”.


The project “TO LIVE IS TO BE AT HOME EVERYWHERE” is part of a more general project of the establishment entitled HOUSES WORLDS which tries to propose new models of habitat by questioning the House not as an object but as a territory of intimacy which is expressed both by its interiority and in its relationship to the world, to its time, to its roots, to the landscape, to others.

16 students, under the impetus of their professor Elisabeth Lemercier, are instructed to develop from one of the fundamental functions of the habitat attributed to it - EAT, SLEEP, WASH, WORK, TIDY- three projects on three distinct scales: the object (1), the interior (1/33), the city (1/333) on the basis of a common principle that resists change of scale.

Ten pieces of furniture made entirely of plywood (wardrobe, chair, chest, bed, desk...) are redesigned with the urban environment as a common denominator.


An exhibition within the school

The making of the object is accompanied by a collective experiment. The objects will be exhibited during the establishment's open house on January 31st and February 1st and will thus be able to interact with visitors. The juxtaposition of all the uses on the same site, transforms it into an open and temporary collective dwelling.

The choice of plywood

According to Elisabeth Lemercier, "plywood panels are the simplest construction base for making solid objects with few means of transformation and with the constraint of being able to dismantle and transport them easily".

It is from this postulate that the students of the architect Elisabeth Lemercier  have created a series of furniture in flat beech plywood and the result is a success!