Wood, a material of architecture and decoration par excellence


The explosion of decoration and architecture related TV and online shows, coupled with the  development of applications such as Pinterest and Houzz which provide an unlimited source of inspiration, it is now possible to imagine the house of your dreams or the ideal office space so that employees can feel at home.  

The French’s enthusiasm for interior design is the result of a desire for comfort and quality of life both in the workplace and at home. When seeking assistance in the renovation of their interiors, the French turn to professionals: interior designers, decorators, architect builders.

Interior designers and decorators

Asserting your individuality via your interior has become a full-blown trend. In the end, interior designers and decorators are the big winners.

Brugère based in Châtillon s/ Seine represents a pool of know-how and expertise at local, regional and national level.

The company strives to develop solutions to optimally meet the needs of its customers (architects, decorators, traders, etc.) by investing in the design of new reliable and attractive products.

To support this evolution of the market, Brugère is able to respond to many requests related to the interior layout. The wood veneer sheet can be applied to walls. When it comes to interior finishing, veneer offers multiple aesthetic possibilities depending on the type of wood used and surface to be covered. Siding or wall panel, wood veneer creates a warm chic atmosphere for a living room.

Architect builders

We observe an increase of a building industry boost and an overall economic recovery.

The ever-changing role of the architect in project management, the digitalization and diversification of the architectural profession as well as climate change issues are some of the most common challenges for the future of the profession. In this context, changes are taking place particularly via the development of new forms of collaboration.

The Elan law sets the objectives of Environmental Regulation 2020: "The energy, environmental and health performance of new buildings are part of a requirement to fight against climate change, sobriety of the consumption of resources and preservation of indoor air quality ".

The building code now uses renewable energies and materials to meet the energy, environmental and health performance of new buildings. Wood, the leading renewable energy source in France (47% of renewable energy in France) will become the flagship material for setting up new buildings.

Brugère plywood has its place in the construction of new buildings and can be used as interior and decorative plywood, or as second-stage material for concrete formwork, cladding, roofing or flooring.

Wood is the renewable and recyclable material par excellence that is a natural response to the requirements of sustainable construction and to the expectations of architectural creativity and interior design. It is also and above all the material of quality of life, comfort of the senses.