Brugère, a zero waste production


Brugère, wood scrap recycling from A to Z

Specializing in peeled beechwood veneer and plywood, the Brugère factory has turned its raw material, wood, into a virtuous system from A to Z.

In the factory, nothing is lost, and everything is used: from fuel for the biomass boiler to the finished project, zero-waste is our guarantee!

A 100% wood factory

After the fire in 2017 that ravaged part of the Brugère factory in Châtillon-sur-Seine (21), and the company's acquisition by  Manufactures Février, a new 7,000 m² building was constructed on the site. Its unique feature is its 100% wood structure and frame.

The industry's professionals took up this challenge to demonstrate the benefits of wood framing and, above all, the expertise of this factory, which specializes in peeled veneer and plywood made from beech.

The massive glue-laminated framework is installed on concrete posts, and the longest beams measure 41 and 34 metres! Another benefit is wood's greater resistance to flame compared to other materials.

Our goal of zero wood waste achieved

Today, every last piece of the logs passing through the site is used - nothing is wasted.

Brugère recycles all wood scraps, either in its panels by optimizing offcuts, or by meeting the needs of customers who want small pieces of veneer.

The remaining wood is ground into chips to supply the biomass boiler, which then supplies all required heat and all industrial tools: building heating, steamers, wood dryers, presses...

PEFC and FCS certifications

All wood that arrives at the factory is PEFC and FSC certified.

Brugère obtains most of its supplies from within France; otherwise, for certification purposes, the factory is required to source its wood from forests in neighbouring countries, located less than 400 kilometres away, in Germany and Switzerland.

These certifications ensure that wood does not come from controversial sources or abusive exploitation.

The wood industry is dependent on its resources, so the more the price of wood increases, the more local industries tend to grow.

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