NFO, Brugère's main partner


The National Forest Office, a major player in the forest-wood sector

At the national level, the NFO brings together nearly 9,500 professionals working in the management of 11 million hectares of public forests, in mainland France and overseas.

On a daily basis, foresters look after the maintenance, development and renewal of these spaces.
Their management makes it possible to reconcile three inseparable objectives : meeting the needs of men through the production and harvesting of wood, preserving the environment and welcoming the public.

In Burgundy Franche-Comté, the NFO is responsible for the sustainable management of forests and their development in local development. More than 1,200 employees of the Office are working daily to manage the 710,000 hectares of public forests in the region, representing nearly 3 million m3 harvested annually. Multifunctional forest management, carried out in close consultation with elected officials, associations and local users.

First supplier of raw materials for Brugère

Mobilizing wood while preserving the environment is a strong and consensual conclusion of the Grenelle Environment Forum at the end of 2007, taken up by the National Forest Conference in early 2008. The NFO's wood harvesting policy is fully in line with this objective and is reflected in the National Forest Operations Regulation (NFRR) applicable since July 1, 2008.

The NFO proposes supply for professionals to enhance the value of national forest resources.
Since 2007, the NFO and Brugère have put in place a year-round supply contract between the two parties, renegotiated every year.
The price is fixed according to the region of supply and the qualities of wood. We can choose the wood and classify according to our specifications.
This contract makes it possible to dispose of the desired wood products, in quality and quantity and to benefit from a guarantee of supply for these products.

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